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My Rainbow-Dreams is a vegetarian cafe offering wholesome food that is nourishing and delicious. We seek to cater for lovers of good food, vegetarians, vegans, others with special dietary requirements, and those in search of healthy alternatives.

My Rainbow-Dreams is owned and operated by students of Spiritual Master, Sri Chinmoy. We strive to serve food that is nourishing to both body and soul, in keeping with our belief that inner and outer wellbeing go together.

Offering specialty burgers, wraps, curries, salads, soups and a bake-of-the-day; serving organic coffee and teas, great chai, fresh-squeezed juices, smoothies and shakes; cakes, cookies, sweet snacks and sensational gelato made right here on the premises.

About Sri Chinmoy

Sri Chinmoy sees aspiration – the heart's ceaseless yearning for ever higher and deeper realities – as the spiritual force behind all great advances in religion, culture, sports and science. By living in the heart and aspiring for continual self-transcendence, we all can bring forward the best in ourselves and find our path to true satisfaction. In his words:

“Our goal is to go from bright to brighter to brightest, from high to higher to highest. And even in the highest, there is no end to our progress, for God Himself is inside each of us and God at every moment is transcending His own Reality."

Sri Chinmoy's life was an expression of boundless creativity. His vast output spans the domains of music, poetry, painting, literature and sports. His contributions in each of these fields have been striking and far-reaching.

Sri Chinmoy serves as spiritual guide to students in some 60 countries around the world, encouraging a balanced lifestyle that incorporates the inner disciplines of prayer and meditation with physical fitness, a healthy diet and the dynamism of contemporary life.

Central to our spiritual path is the ideal of service: through cooking, preparing and offering food with love, joy and goodwill, we deepen our heart’s mutual oneness and satisfaction. We are forever grateful to our customer-friends for affording us this golden opportunity to serve.

“Gratitude is the food of faith.
Faith is the food of love.
Love is the food of peace.
Peace is the food of God."
– Sri Chinmoy