The Story of Today's Curry – Vegan Matar Paneer

It’s Golapendu's curry today! Who is this, and what is his curry you may ask...

Well, Golapendu Ng is the manager and head chef at one of the Sri Chinmoy Centre’s most famous and popular restaurants. Ananda Fuara has been serving vegetarian food in the heart of San Francisco for over 35 years, and has won many an award in the process.

Golapendu kindly shared his vegan Matar Paneer curry recipe with us – to be included in our forthcoming cook book. This is a dish he has prepared for hundreds of us at a time when we meet during our annual meditation retreat in New York each August, so right now it’s bringing back memories of warm August evenings in Queens, surrounded by friends and happiness.

We hope you all enjoy this vegan model of a classic creamy tomato-based curry with tofu (instead of paneer cheese) and peas, lovingly prepared right here at My Rainbow-Dreams.

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