The Rainbow Colours of Fruits and Vegetables

A colourful plate of fruit and vegetables is a delight to see and at an elite level can be a work of art.

These gifts of Mother Earth also have tremendous health benefits for us. The natural colour in food is due to pigments - green chlorophylls; yellow-orange carotenoids; blue-purple anthocyanin; red betacyanin. The most vibrantly coloured being packed with the most nutrition.

Red foods protect our heart and improve brain function. Blue-purple fruit and veg contain powerful antioxidants to support the heart and regulate digestion. Orange-yellow contain nutrients that are known to protect your nervous system, maintain healthy skin, boost your immune system and build healthy bones. Greens protect eye health and contain vital mineral salts. They also create alkalinity in the body system. White foods have a great immune boosting effect.

The precious nutrients in these incredible creations work together to protect against cancer, heart disease, vision loss, hypertension and other diseases. Eating an array of colours ensures that you receive the benefits of them all.

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