The Matcha Energy Ball

Last weekend was the Sri Chinmoy 100km trail race, a fabulous day out for those very fit runners who took part and experienced some of the many beautiful trails in and around the Nation’s Capital. It’s quite a feat to put on a 100k race encompassing an entire city, and requires a lot of volunteers at numerous road crossings, aid stations, transition and marshal points. A wonderful group of around 40 Canberrans were scattered all over town and beyond, cheering on the runners throughout the day and night. To keep them all sustained, My Rainbow-Dreams provided food packs which included a Matcha Energy Ball. It ended up being so popular amongst all the helpers that we thought about giving it a try here in the Café…

… and after that prolonged introduction, let us present the Matcha Energy Ball! It’s a combination of cashews, dates, lemon, coconut … and matcha. The tartness of the lemon brings all the favours together nicely and conjures a superb alternative to a sweet snack. Come in and try them over the next week and let us know if we should make it a permanent denizen our healthy snacks cabinet here at My Rainbow-Dreams.

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