The Gourmet Salad Bowl

Now I am sure some of you think of salad in terms of: “No way am I going to feel full and satisfied after eating some lettuce leaves, a bit of carrot and a few raw veges!” – I know that’s how I thought … until I first tried a salad bowl at My Rainbow-Dreams!

Now, truth be told, I’ll have a salad most days at work – a large one at that – with some extra avocado and tofu. In my humble opinion, our salads are the best! As you know, we make all the salads here at My Rainbow-Dreams, and boy, do they pack a punch of goodness and nutrition! And they are topped with our own proprietary lemon-tahini dressing – one of the secrets of their appeal :-)

Now let’s list the fruits, vegetables and herbs you will get in each salad bowl: an assortment of green leafy lettuces, beetroot, lemon, coriander, radish, ginger, parsley, buckwheat, red onion, tomato, alfalfa, carrots, olive oil, tahini, tamari … and then to top it all off we make a rotating ‘special’ salad each day to keep your palate guessing! I challenge you to look up all the health benefits of each item listed above and come to your own conclusions…

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