The Detox Juice

This juice – our number one seller – is a classic liver detoxifier.

Now, why should we look after our liver? The liver is the largest internal organ in our body (second only to our skin – which OK, is arguably external). The liver is the front line of detoxification for our body: a filter for the blood, weeding out toxins and finding ways to neutralise or eliminate them from our body. It manufactures cholesterol – crucial for many body functions, like building new cells and protecting the nerves to name a few – and plays several essential roles in our digestive system.

The liver communicates and interfaces with many if not all of our other organs and glands and is involved with the production, and/or storage and balancing of bile, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, glucose, carrier molecules, hormones, enzymes and has many more functions which science is still trying to understand. The state of our liver also has a powerful connection to our state of mind – another reason to treat our liver carefully and lovingly!

My Rainbow-Dreams’ Detox Juice is a mix of fresh beetroot, apples, celery, carrot and ginger – and yes, they all support and enhance the liver. Listing all the benefits of these simple yet powerful ingredients would create quite a lengthy report. Juicing is a great way to get a big hit of these vegetables and fruit – and all their bounty – in one bright red glass of goodness.

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