Soup of the Day – Ruby Red Beetroot & Fennel

This is the first time this soup will be gracing the menu of My Rainbow-Dreams. I was introduced to fennel not so long ago by a Latvian friend who loves and uses it all the time. Coming from a country town in NZ, we didn't really have this ‘exotic’ vegetable as an option, however after tasting some of my Latvian friend’s dishes I was hooked and started researching fennel recipes.

Fennel – for anyone like me who isn't so familiar with it – is a delicious bulb with a slight anise-flavour, though describing it as just an anise-flavour doesn't do it justice: it is delicate, mild and ingratiating. All parts of the fennel can be used for cooking, and like most delicious vegetables, fennel is packed with health benefits, including promoting bone health, stable blood pressure, heart health – and it is one vegetable that is high in selenium.

For some reason the combination of beetroot and fennel together create an amazing flavour. Add in red cabbage – an undervalued but wonderful addition to many a dish. Welcome to our soup of the day!

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