Our Compost Story

Do you ever wonder what happens to all our food scraps, paper waste and latex gloves here at My Rainbow-Dreams?

One of our staff members, Jack, lives on a farm with his Mum, Cate – and they have taken on the project of composting all of our compostable waste! And what a project it is – we fill up two 20 litre containers each day and it then starts its journey….

In our eyes, Cate is a complete expert in the composting world. There are countless large compost bins on the farm in different stages of composting. Did you know that the compost has to get up to 50 degrees for the magic to start working? It also needs to be aerated and needs more than just our goods to make it into some incredible rich compost.

Last year we all went out to the farm to have a closer look at the production and saw the finished product, with veggies and fruit planted and getting all the good nutrients from the compost.

It gives us all real joy to know that all the veg scraps, left over food, paper, take away containers (and their lids – yep, they compost too!), coffee grounds and anything else organic, are all avoiding the fate of ending up in land fills.

Our heartfelt gratitude to Cate for helping us create a lighter footprint on this magnificent, loving planet of ours.

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