Order Your Christmas Cakes!

Christmas Cakes for everyone!

My Rainbow-Dreams will be making Christmas Cakes to order this festive season, with a twist! Are you gluten-free, vegan, trying to decrease refined sugar in your diet, or all of the above? We are here to cater to you needs.

My Rainbow-Dreams will be offering a range of Christmas Cakes depending on your requirements. They may be missing some of the "traditional" ingredients but will be filled with lots of joy and love!

Indicative prices are:

Cake for one – $7
Small Christmas Cake (approx 21cm) – $45
Large Christmas Cake (approx 27cm)– $60
Vegan and Gluten free Christmas mince tarts also available – pack of 6 for $16

Please place your order with us by the 10th of December.

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