Liquorice Root – It's Amazing!

Liquorice comes from the flowering plant of the bean family Fabacae, and is native to Europe and Asia. A sweet aromatic flavour can be extracted from the root which is used to produce a wide variety of sweets.

As well as for making candies, liquorice root has numerous health benefits. It is a herb that has been used for thousands of years, dating back to at least the ancient Egyptians. It is known for soothing and healing the stomach, is a potent anti-viral and anti-bacterial and is sometimes used in toothpaste as it kills the bacteria that cause tooth decay, and for skin remedies, killing bacteria that cause conditions like eczema. One of its most important properties is as an adrenal restorative, stimulating the adrenal glands. You can find liquorice in herbal teas or as a powder. It is recommended to be taken short-term as a supplement. Always consult a doctor or naturopath to check it’s good for you.
In sweets, sometimes liquorice is replaced by aniseed extract which has a similar taste. To fully enjoy that divine liquorice flavour, try My Rainbow-Dreams’ house-made liquorice gelato. Pop in for a scoop or order it by the litre. Discover why it’s a favourite flavour!

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