Indian-Spiced Lentil Burger – My Rainbow-Dreams' top seller

What’s so great about this burger, you ask? Well – you take a lightly spiced homemade lentil pattie (baked each morning); add to that, some fresh-mixed Aryurvedic beetroot salad (with beetroot, carrot, radish, ginger and coriander combining for a great dosha-balancing and excellent digestive food in its own right); and some leafy greens (an important component of every healthy diet). Pop that in the middle of a freshly toasted bun (sour-dough or Turkish are standard, though this burger is happy to be served in an organic mountain wrap or on a Deeks gluten-free roll); lovingly apply some of our housemade satay sauce and yoghurt raita – and your taste buds and tummy are going to be happy and fulfilled all afternoon…

These burgers do get to travel around a bit. Traditionally, throughout the Autumn and Winter months, My Rainbow-Dreams supplies Lentil Burgers to all the competitors of the Sri Chinmoy Canberra Trail Run Series as a post-race treat. These races are staged along several of the amazing trails of the Canberra region. As you have probably guessed, this Series is on hold at present. In the meantime, the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team is offering “Time-Trail Runs”. These are solo trail runs on a set course, that you must run within a 7 day time frame: you upload your time and photos of your run to our event portal; then full results and photo gallery are published. There are sadly no burgers awaiting you at the finish line this time, so your only way to get your Lentil Burger fix to to come and collect one as a take-away, or order it online!

A My Rainbow-Dreams Lentil Burger served as a post-run brunch

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